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Employee's Pledge

  The loyal employee's suggested pledge

Multicultural employees offer the organization a wide range of skills and educational levels.  Therefore, the benefits that my cross-cultural skills and experience provide to the organization ensures its success and continued growth.  Cultural diversity is valuable in the workplace and brings a fresh perspective that helps businesses to compete nationally and globally.  Cultural competency training is beneficial to me and teaches me to respect cultural differences and definitely increases my productivity and creativity, thus making me an excellent worker.  I understand the benefits of working with the different ways people work and I will learn to utilize those ways in my career development.  In order to advance, achieve and contribute to my employer's prosperity and its competitiveness in the multicultural world

I pledge

  • To eliminate all negative attitudes and behaviors that I may have previously exhibited in the workplace, including: prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination and to work continuously at improving my cross-cultural skills, learning to adapt to the multicultural environment which helps me to understand and appreciate the differences in structure, mentality and cross-cultural approaches to work.

  • To help my employer reduce lawsuits against the organization by encouraging my co-workers to value, appreciate the positive aspects of cultural diversity and the tremendous benefits of cross-cultural training in the workplace which is critical to the company's prosperity in the global market and to my personal development, emotional enrichment, professional and business advancement and succes

  • To assist my employer in removing cross-cultural cultural barriers that hinders employee's productivity in the workplace, facilitate effective cross-cultural communication, and develop cross-cultural understanding, acceptance, harmony, and mutual respect among employees of all cultures.

  • To turns challenges in the cross-cultural environment into productive opportunities, learn to build rapport and create a sense of group purpose while at the same time learning to be alert to unspoken cross-cultural issues and assumptions such as: cross-cultural misconceptions, misunderstandings, misinterpretations, and stereotyping.