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Employer's Pledge

Suggested pledge from a conscientious employer with high level of integrity

The conscientious employer’s Pledge

In the global community, my company’s mission is to promote, honor and celebrate cultural diversity and to provide continuous cross-cultural communication training to my employees at all levels.  I am sincerely and seriously committed to building and maintaining a peaceful and harmonious work environment that acknowledges, respects, and values my employees’ ethnocultural heritage and where they can develop cross-cultural fluency, communicate effectively across cultures and work together in peace and harmony. 

Among other goals, my company is committed to promoting cultural awareness and to nurturing multicultural awareness as an integral part of the company’s every day life.  As a result, my employees will be productive, creative, and successful and my company prosperous.  In order to create and maintain this cross-cultural working environment where employees from all cultures and all ethnicities are respected, encouraged, and appreciated

I pledge

• To be a role model to my employees by developing, increasing and maintaining my understanding of cultural diversity through exploring other cultures:   reading books, newspapers or magazines, viewing movies or videos, and frequenting ethnic restaurants and other social, cultural and educational gatherings.

• To foster intercultural dialogues and relationships by making new friends from cultures and ethnicities different from my own and encouraging my colleagues and employees to do the same, and endeavor to keep cultural diversity as a fountain of strength to make my organization a  peaceful, respectful, and prosperous place for my company’s benefit and that of my employees.

• To be sympathetic and challenge all cross-cultural and ethnocultural stereotyping in my workplace and wherever I hear people making generalizations and derogatory comments, teach and encourage the offenders to value those from cultures different from their own.

• To respect, honor and value the Human Race, recognize, accept and hold the belief that every human being is a treasure, an extension of me and to combat cross-cultural ignorance, reject ethnocultural insensitivity as they are a source that encourages and foster prejudice, discrimination and cultural bigotry.