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Training at All Levels

Training Available at All Levels in the Organization

The Immediate Payoff on the Client's Investment

  • Jeannine Narcisse is an outstanding trainer and inspiring educator 
    You learn from a knowledgeable expert, a well-rounded 
    scholar, and an interdisciplinary educator who knows how 
    to teach and skillfully transmit knowledge.  You leave
    her seminar with valuable cross-cultural skills and insights
    that you can apply right away.  Her programs are
    comprehensive, well-thought and well designed.

  • Jeannine Narcisse gets you the results you are aiming for
    She brings to your organization a powerful, high-impact
    training program and shows your employees that you are
    serious about their professional and personal growth and
    their achieving critical professional goals and objectives. 
    She gives you the most cross-cultural effective tools to
    use in any cross-cultural situation you encounter.

  • You maximize your training budget
    You give you employees the cross-cultural knowledge,
    skills and confidence they need to meet the challenging
    multicultural workplace head-on and allow them to realize
    their full potential and perform at their highest level. 
    On-Site Training allows you to train workgroup, teams,
    and entire departments for less than the cost of traditional
    public seminars or other training options.

  • The program is tailored to meet your company’s specific needs
    Jeannine Narcisse works with you and helps you choose
    the appropriate cross-cultural training approach for your
    organization and tailors the program to address your
    particular issues, goals, and scheduling concerns.  She
    designs you a program that is intriguing, engaging, and

"Training in cultural competency is one of the
wisest and most profitable business investments
a company can ever make."