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The Seminars

Seminars that Inspire People to Take Action

       Jeannine Narcisse’s seminars are unusual and challenging
       because you learn from a multicultural and
       multidimensional trainer who teaches cross-cultural skills
       and techniques that will last a lifetime.  

       You learn specific cultural ideas that you can put to use 
       immediately and you will be eager to try them. 
       You will be successful at using them because they work. 

      The seminar offers you the opportunity to further your
      career skills and your personal life through the new
      cross-cultural competency that you acquired and that
      you will use in every facet of your life.

      The seminar provides you with the tips and techniques
      you need to be successful in your business as well as in
      your personal life.  It teaches employees how to identify 
      sources of misunderstandings, miscommunications,
      misconceptions, and misinterpretations as well as socially
      and culturally offensive behavior or language.

"A cross-culturally trained workforce is one of the greatest forces
for success in an organization."