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“Your presentation at The Forum was outstanding.  We thank you so much for making such great contribution to our organization through your commanding presence and your clear and strong knowledge of cross-cultural issues.  Your great overview and deep understanding of challenges of the global market were invaluable to our staff.  You are an extremely effective speaker.   Thanks again for such well prepared and competently delivered informative presentation.”
Joseph Piccininni, Toronto City Council

“Jeannine Narcisse is an exceptional key-note speaker. She has the knowledge and talent to engage the audience with relevant, interesting and high-impact information.  Our culturally-diverse audience was impressed by her vastknowledge of almost all aspects of cross-cultural communication.   She affirms her ability to pull together and make sense of the complex and challenging topic of effective communication across cultures.  She is very knowledgeable, she is professional, and she has an energetic and pleasantly contagious personality that all audiences can enjoy from the beginning to the end ofher presentations.”
Louise Forester, MBA, CEO, Louise Forester Company

“Jeannine Narcisse has brought tremendous enhancement to professional careers and personal lives of great numbers of people of all walks of life by teaching them how to respect, understand, accept and appreciate the differences and similarities of other cultures.   The cross-cultural communication training presentations at our company were informative, insightful, inspiring and highly-effective.  We were privileged and honored to have Dr. Narcisse as our coach.”
Jesse Ferrer, Seminar Attendee

“It was a pleasure having Jeannine Narcisse addressing our audience and I would not hesitate to recommend her expertise and competence to any organization that is interested in having a clear understanding of cultural similarities and differences and use them to the advancement of their organizations and betterment of their employees.  At no time in the history of the world is cross-cultural training more urgent, relevant, and necessary to all people than today.  The need to communicate effectively in a multicultural world and efficiently manage the workforce is a challenge.  Narcisse understands that challenge and has the ability to share its understanding with her audience and hold their attention.  Ms. Narcisse has my endorsement and respect for her ability to transmit knowledge competently and reach people in a profound, graceful and professional way.”
Margery Ward, Member of Provincial Parliament

“Your speech was exceptionally compelling, highly rated, and extremely pertinent to our global company.  No words can fully describe the energy, enthusiasm and cooperation that you created in our workplace through your presentation to our staff.  You have convinced all of us to make a real effort to get educated in cultural differences and similarities and to thrive to acquire better cross-cultural communication skills. Thanks for your remarkable personality and your outstanding presentation.  You have our deepest trust and highest recommendation.”
Jan Janovich, Ph.D.

“Cross-cultural competence is a must have for all executives, managers and their staff in this increasingly culturally-diverse workforce.  Your unique way of presenting that important and fascinating topic to the audience provided focused, informative, motivational and inspiring learning that has produced great impact on our team. The audience was extremely impressed by the wealth of knowledge of cross-cultural communication that you are able to impart on people so effectively.  Your insight, practical advice and valuable recommendations greatly contributed to make our conference a huge success.  We thank you wholeheartedly.”
Bernice Champagne, Chair of the Board, the Black Secretariat

“Dr. Narcisse is an excellent communicator and made sure that everyone in the audience had their questions and concerns addressed.   She had everybody involved and connected to her and to each other by naturally drawing each one into the presentation.   She did it with competence, confidence, professionalism and creativity.  My staff commands her for providing such needed training that helps bring better cross-cultural harmony in our multicultural workplace.  The staff at the hospital benefited tremendously from her seminars.   They will make a real difference in how we approach our healthcare delivery from now on.  I would like to thank her personally for the wonderful contribution she continues to make to the field of cultural competence for health care providers and cross-cultural health care delivery.  We look forward to working together with her again.”
Herman Basol, MD, the Princess Margaret Hospital

“Thank you for your participation in our conference.  You shared with the participants amazing tools and relevant skills that they can put into daily practice in their work and their personal lives.  Everyone needs to learn effective cross-cultural communication. Human resources professionals in particular ought to include it in human resources management.  You provided new and practical ideas, inspiration, and clarity about the topic that are essential to attain success in today’s world.  Your insightful message was exceptional and its delivery superb.  You reached the minds and touch the emotions of the audience and I congratulate you for doing so with high level of professionalism, intellectual energy and entertaining personality.  I look forward to the next opportunity of working with you again in the future.”
Dr. Wilson Head, Sociology Professor