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About Jeannine Narcisse

Jeannine Narcisse, Ph.D.
"The Cultural Diversity Diva"


   A Specialist in: Cultural Diversity, Cross-cultural
    Communication, Multicultural Education, and Race
    Relations Harmony, Jeannine Narcisse is one of
    the most compelling and trusted experts in her
    fields of specialization as well as sought-after
    speaker, consultant, and trainer. 

Dr. Jeannine Narcisse is internationally recognized 
as an expert in Cultural Diversity, Cross-cultural 
Communication, Multicultural Education and Race 
Relations Awareness.  She has studied, lived, and 
worked in depth in several cultures and has a strong 
knowledge and profound affinity with those cultures.  
They include: Caribbean, Central America, Latin America,  South America, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, and the United States of America.  She is a Linguist and Polyglot.  She speaks, reads, writes,  teaches, and interprets:  English, French, Kreyol, Gernan, Spanish and Italian.  In addition, she reads and comprehends Hebrew. 

Dr. Narcisse is a powerful and inspiring communicator who speaks with conviction, integrity, and passion.  She has mastered the four E’s: Engage, Exchange, Educate and Entertain. 

She combines her interdisciplinary skills and experience as a journalist, television talk show host, visual arts (painter), singer/recording artist, lecturer-recitalist, and storyteller to motivate audiences to take positive action in order to grow.  Her speaking, consulting, and training company is called Mon Rêve Cultural Diversity.  Mon Rêve translates to “My Dream”. She shares her dreams with her audiences and inspires them to follow their dreams, to keep their goals alive and their hopes high.

In the past Jeannine has worked as the Multicultural Advisor to Canadian Prime Minister, the Honorable Pierre-Elliot Trudeau.  In addition, she served as the Cross-cultural Consultant to the Mayor’s Task Force in Race Relations in Toronto, Canada.  She also worked as Multicultural Policy Strategist and Advisor to French President, His Excellency Monsieur Valéry Giscard d’Estaing. 

Today as the Founder and CEO of Mon Rêve Cultural Diversity she provides Cultural Diversity training to executives and staff of health care delivery organizations, educational institutions, and the corporate world interested in staying competitive and in achieving success in the multicultural global market.

Dr. Narcisse's personal accomplishments, as well as her eclectic background give her undisputed credibility and make her absolutely believable. They help her to connect with her audience instantly. Her genuine charisma, her wit and gracious delivery of her material make her a speaker that an audience will always remember.  

Dr. Narcisse holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Linguistics & Literature from the University of Vienna (Austria), a M.Ed. in Curriculum Design, Implementation & Evaluation from the University of Toronto (Canada), and a BA in German & Music from the City University of New York (USA).  She is the recipient of one of the most prestigious Canadian awards:  "The Certificate of Achievement from the Canadian Academy for Cultural Exchanges."

"Employers! Let Jeannine Narcisse train you and your multicultural workforce in effective cross-cultural communication!"